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We believe filmmaking is a powerful tool to create connections and get conversations started around the complex topic of mental illness.


Celebrate who you are and share your vision of the world.

Bring your "A" game and we will too

Films In Production
As of Feb, 2023


There are several short docs and films moving into full-on production.  The approaches range from the traditional to the experimental to counter-narratives and to animation.  All are personal films that reveal the unique perspectives of each of the LOOK students. 


    LOOK World Premier 2022


Over 100 film fans and supporters of mental health initiatives came together to screen the most recent slate of LOOK films.  Our line-up included short films and documentaries.  The crowd loved it and praised the films for their authenticity and honesty.  Our filmmakers (Kayla Mak Harrison, ShawnCoates and Coral Fries) participated in a Q and A following the screenings.  The questions kept coming for almost an hour.  The public screening proved to be a highly successful and enriching evening at the Rainbow theatre in Regina on August 10, 2022.  Our thanks to all the attendees who also made the evening a successful fundraiser. 

We are all looking forward to the next round of LOOK. 

Our Class of 2020 became our Class of 2022

as Covid put a halt to things in March 202o. However, in October 2021 we picked up where we left off

and the course was completed in January 2022.


 A very successful run with some tremendous and emotionally charged short docs.






The 2022/2023 course is an exciting one.  Eight students have joined us, some in an advanced course.  They are an amazing group of people and the classes are spirited, fun, creative and engaging because of them.  

Films from 2022

"Before It Took Her "- A film by Coral Fries

"Illness The Mentality Of It" - A film by Shawn Coates

"Over The Top" - A film by Kayla Mak Harrison"

See below for information on the LOOK experience and student-produced film screenings

Student Experience

I would encourage a great number of my peers to join this course in the future. Trevor, Layton, as well as everyone else involved are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging individuals. I have learned not only how to use a camera, but duly the importance behind the usage of a camera and its ability to navigate, captivate, and provoke an audience through various artful techniques. Likewise, the in depth teachings of past films and documentaries of all kinds were both interesting as well as informative - to the extent in which one may even consider them inspiring. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and thought it increasingly compelling with each passing week.



Season 4 - Start Date

We anticipate that the next round of LOOK will begin in early October 2023. Click on "About & Applications" for more info.   

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