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LOOK 2019 Select Scenes

LOOK 2019 Select Scenes

2022 and 2023 Films Will Be Posted this coming October

A Film By Hannah

Able to fly out the likes of the ocean, Maru the blue whale swims in the atmosphere high above as to see the planet in its entirety. There, he is able to better soak in the waters of a cumbrous past, one divided in vile oddities and a dangerous, tempting sort of brilliance.  

romeo &

A Documentary by Kayla Mak Harrison 

Romeo & Mental is a self-diagnosis and romancing of mental health. Filmmaker Kayla Mak Harrison sets out to show the realness of bipolar disorder and major depression and to experience the real life through the mental illness itself.


can't hurry

A Love Story by Anonymous

A young filmmaker explores relationships and the popular new way of meeting people ... “Online dating”.   Through the stories of a young couple just starting out together and two people married for 35 years the film reveals that perhaps the old-fashioned way still has value. 


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